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The AURA-8800 is a high performance model with printing speed up to 220 mm per second. As a receipt ..

The AURA-9000 takes advantage of spill- and dust-resistant features to operate in a harsh environmen..

CR-4000 : Printer driven, powered by printer or Posiflex system CR port, support 12V/24V voltag..

XT-3915IR is the new Bay Trail based fan-free IR touch terminals in the XT family. It is the twin ve..

The KB-6600 series is a series of powerful programmable keyboard suitable for application in PC comp..

FeaturesResistive or IR touch screen for 17" LCD; Resistive, IR, Bezel-free Resistive, or Be..

Posiflex delivers the Magnetic Stripe Readers (MSR) MR-2100 series and MR-2200 to replace the MR-200..

MT-4008W is specifically created for both retail and hospitality segments. It is an 8” tablet that s..

Posiflex has bridged the fixed terminal / mobile gap with the innovative MT4008 system. This hybrid ..

Posiflex PB-4700 is an advanced compact POS box, ideally suited for most retail sectors and cash til..

The PD-2800/320 is a standalone customer pole display capable of desktop mounting and height adjustm..

TX-4200 Series is a multi-purpose controller that can be ideal for various applications. With a comp..


In today’s retail and hospitality market, POS terminal is no longer just a cold and hard business to..

The XT4015 brings space-saving design to the Posiflex family with a terminal that folds and configur..