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How to design and print Barcodes

Barcodes are widely used in Retail to identify a product and enter the details of the products in the system without human errors. Most Point of Sale software has provision to print bar codes directly to bar code printer after proper calibration.  There are also products available in the market which can be integrated with the Point of Sales software and other applications.
Before deciding on the Bar Code solution and printer it is important to check out if it would meet your requirements for

  • Speed and Ruggedness of the printers along with the warranty condition
  • Compatibility of the printer with the operating system and the application that would use it.
  • The labels printed would be suitable for your environment (wear and tear, dampness, dust, product shelf life etc…) so that they can be read by standard bar code scanners without any error
  • Availability of calibration and custom layout design based on the label size selected in the printer
  • The length of the product code needs to be ensured that it can encode in a standard C39 barcode. In a multi-store scenario it is important to have a common product code within the organization to facilitate inter-branch transfers

Please contact us for an appropriate bar code printer and label stationary that meets your requirement.
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