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How to select Barcode Scanners

A Barcode scanner is a read-input device which reads the barcode and decodes it.  There are different types of barcode scanners available in the market.  However it is important to consider the following while taking a decision on selecting a barcode scanner.

  • Ease of use, connectivity (plug and play devices) and the placement of the barcode scanners
  • Speed and Ruggedness of the barcode scanners
  • Compatibility with the hardware and operating  system including type of interface connectivity
  • Surface on which the barcode label is fixed which needs to be scanned
  • Scanning distance – For long range scanning use a laser barcode scanner. For short range scanning, use an image-based barcode scanner such as a CCD barcode scanner
  • Whether you require a hand-held or hands-free device, the scanning distance and your budget
  • Barcode label quality and environmental condition that effect the barcode printed on the labels

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Selecting a barcode scanner