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Hardware on Rental

Business needs continuously change and demands for scaling up or scaling down of IT infrastructure. At Turbonet we understand that capital can be better utilized by our client rather than blocking it on hardware equipments / resources which may soon be obsolete. At the same time the flexibility to arrange for the hardware when business needs it. Hence, we have made it our business to provide it to our clients just when they need it on rental.

Our rental services ensure that our clients get the necessary hardware and their components on rental with minimum turn-a-round time.  We not only provide the hardware but also can provide the resource to operate the hardware if required.

So, it may be those peak season sales or an exhibition or a training program or a special sales promotion or whatever the occasion may be, we are there to support you. The rental services can be taken on short or long term contract with built-in maintenance support.

We provide rentals service for Desktop, Laptop, Projector and Printer and other equipments.

Please contact our Customer Service Manager to assist you in your requirements